15 Delicious and Nutritious Vegan Dinner Ideas to Try in 2023 (2023)

15 Delicious and Nutritious Vegan Dinner Ideas to Try in 2023 (1)

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Looking for healthy and nutritious vegan dinners to try in 2023? Here we've rounded up some fantastic vegan meal ideas for anyone looking to add more plant-based meals to their diet.

From creamy pumpkin soups to high-protein tacos and stir-fries, these clean vegan dinner ideas are worth adding to your weekly meal plan.

There are many myths surrounding the vegan diet. For example, some might say that it's restrictive or that it's not high in protein. Thankfully, this couldn't be further from the truth.

Properly structured and well planned.vegan mealsIt can provide a rich and diverse array of nutrients that are as important and healthy as any other diet.

Principles of a healthy vegan diet

Be mindful of what you put on your plate to ensure you're getting enough nutrients and enjoying variety.

One of the simple ways to make delicious and nutritious meals is to use themThe Platten Method. The American Diabetes Association originally developed this method as a visual aid to help people plan balanced meals.

To better understand the plate method, imagine a standard plate. Now divide it mentally into three sections:

  • Fill half with non-starchy vegetables
  • Next, fill a quarter plate with high-protein vegan foods.
  • Finally, fill the remaining quarter with foods rich in starches or carbohydrates.

Now let's look at the examples.

non-starchy vegetables

This vegetable is low in carbohydrates and calories but high in fiber. These include leafy greens like spinach, arugula, kale, Swiss chard, and lettuce; Tomatoes, cucumbers, zucchini, broccoli and asparagus.

These are considered superfoods and if you include them in your daily diet, you can get plenty of themhealth benefits, including reducing the risk of obesity or heart disease.

There are so many delicious green leafy vegetables to choose from. You don't have to love them or buy them all. Instead, pick 4-5 types of non-starchy vegetables that you like best and add them to your weekly meal plan.

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You can enjoy leafy greens in salads, smoothies, or simply stir-fried. Luckily, these veggies cook quickly, making them a perfect addition to dinner menus.


A healthy vegan diet has many protein options. No need to drink protein shakes or eat store-bought "meats." Instead, all plant proteins are found in plants:

  • Lentils and beans (cannellini beans, kidney beans, garbanzo beans, navy beans, black beans) - You can cook these with soaked dry beans or use canned beans for a quick meal. However, if you are in onelow budgetBuying dry beans and cooking them yourself is the best choice.
  • Tofu: Depending on the intended use, there are three types of tofu to choose from. Silken tofu works well in vegan desserts or sauces like vegan mayonnaise. Firm tofu is good for baking or frying, while extra firm tofu is a great option for marinating and frying. Firm and extra firm tofu also taste delicious in salads or with some rice or quinoa.
  • Tempeh: Made from fermented soybeans,TempehIt's an excellent plant-based protein option. It is perfect for marinating, baking or sautéing. You can even make a "bacon" tempeh.
  • Nuts and Seeds - Some healthier options include walnuts, walnuts, Brazil nuts, chia seeds, flaxseeds, hemp seeds, and pumpkin seeds. Add nuts to your morning oatmeal or add them to a smoothie. Nuts like cashews or macadamia nuts are also a great sauce for lasagna or vegan icing.

Whichever plant-based protein you choose, I recommend reducing or limiting your intake of processed vegan “meats” like burgers or hot dogs. They're good as an occasional treat, but they're not part of a healthy plant-based diet.

Starch and carbohydrate rich foods

There are simple carbohydrates (soft drinks, fruit juices) and complex carbohydrates. To get the most out of a healthy plant-based diet, eat more complex carbohydrates. They tend to raise blood sugar gradually and provide a lower, steady release of glucose into the bloodstream.

Complex carbohydrates include whole grains like quinoa, wild or brown rice, oats, millet, and bulgur. Try them in salads or pair them with fried tofu or tempeh.

Starchy foods and vegetables include white pasta, white bread, white rice, potatoes, yams, yams, and squash.

Whenever possible, try to favor complex carbohydrates and vegetables over starchy foods. They provide sustainable energy and keep you full for longer.

Easy vegan dinners for the whole family

It's not always easy to please the most demanding family members. As a result, family meals often become a struggle. Fortunately, this is not the case with these delicious vegan ideas.

All recipes are simple, full of flavor and transform the meal into a time of connection and enjoyment.

Vegan Mushroom Stroganoff

If you love hearty, comforting dishes, you'll be in for a treat with this easy vegan mushroom stroganoff. The combination of creamy sauce, earthy mushrooms and savory spices results in a delicious and nutritious dish that will please vegans and non-vegans alike.

Slow cooker chickpeas with butter

This Slow Cooker Chickpea Curry is packed with protein, vegan and gluten-free. A healthier version of India's favorite dish: butter chicken, but with chickpeas. This is such a simple dish; the perfect healthy dinner for the week.

Acorn Squash Soup with Turmeric

Turmeric Acorn Squash Soup will warm your bones this winter. It's so creamy and delicious you won't realize how healthy it is. Full of veggies and dairy free with coconut milk.

Fried tofu and broccoli

Enjoy this quick and easy Vegan Broccoli Tofu Skillet Recipe for a healthy, restaurant-style Asian meal! Crispy tofu is simmered with baby broccoli in a tangy, flavorful sauce, then topped with sesame seeds and served over rice.

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Vegan Mexican Ri

Vegan Mexican Rice is an easy and delicious recipeGarrisonYou can prepare quickly. It's a great option to serve with your favorite Tex-Mex dishes like tacos or burritos.

Instant Pot Portobello pot roast

If you're looking for a quick and easy vegan meal, this Portobello Roast is the recipe for you. Prepare it in the Instant Pot in just 12 minutes and enjoy a colorful and nutritious stew. All you need for this easy veggie roast is red wine vinegar, spices, and your favorite veggies.

Photo credit: Lavender and Macarons

Hearty vegetable stew

This comforting and hearty Eggplant and Potato Recipe has tender potatoes, chewy eggplant, and tangy flavors. It's the best vegan stew made in under an hour. Perfect for busy weeknights or meal prep.

Pot pie that everyone loves

This vegan, gluten-free, and low-FODMAP pot pie is all that and more. It's packed with root vegetables (carrots, potatoes, parsnips), greens, meaty mushrooms, miso for umami, a light thyme-scented sauce, and unsweetened almond milk. It's perfect for parties, potlucks, or when you need a little home cooking.

Imitation chipotle tofu skillet tacos

Take home the taste of Chipotle! Vegan chipotle tofu skillet tacos, just like the real thing. If you've tried their tofu stir-fry before, you have to try this copycat version. Braised tofu in a spicy marinade sauce with pinto beans and spices. This delicious vegan dish is easy to prepare gluten-free.

Champinon Wellington

This Vegan Mushroom Wellington Dish is perfect for a holiday feast! Portobello mushrooms replace meat in this juicy water boot, making for a stunning, juicy and flavorful centerpiece. This recipe is easy to follow and you can make it ahead of time, making it perfect for a stress-free holiday meal.

Vegetable ratatouille

Find out how great vegan ratatouille is! Eggplant, zucchini, peppers and tomatoes come together in a humble but delicious fresh dish that's guaranteed to fill you up. It's perfect for a casual weeknight dinner or a special gathering with friends or family.

Pasta-Hummus of a be

Twelve minutes, five ingredients and one pot - dinner couldn't be easier! This super creamy hummus paste is naturally vegan and nut-free and can be made with homemade or store-bought hummus.

Meajdra Reis

This mejadra recipe (aka mujaddara) is a humble dish but pure comfort food. It's simple in its preparation, inexpensive in its ingredients but with very complex flavors, some very familiar to me (like rice and lentils) and some nice spices (cumin and turmeric) to enhance some old favourites.

Photo credit: Lavender and Macarons

Crowd loving vegan Caesar salad

This plant-based, vegan Caesar salad is so delicious and full of flavor you'll never go back to the real thing. This simple yet festive salad made with crispy romaine lettuce, baked chickpeas, croutons, and simple tahini dressing is perfect for any occasion.

root vegetable soup

Carrots, parsnips, and potatoes come together for a silky smooth pureed soup that's easy to make, healthy, and oh-so-filling. Make a large batch of this soup to enjoy for dinner while freezing the leftovers for a quick weeknight meal.

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Rote Linsen Masoor Dal

Quick and easy red lentil curry, also known as masoor dal, is made instantly in the pot and on the stovetop. You can make this super delicious, healthy, and inexpensive vegan meal in less than 30 minutes!

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