Best EV Stocks in India 2023 - StockIPO (2023)

If you are an investor, then you might be looking for the best sector to invest in that has a great future, one of the sectors is electric vehicle stocks. Here in this article, we will provide complete information and information about itbest electric vehicle stocks in india. In the future, you will not only see information about auto stocks, but also stocks that support this industry.

Today we humans have entered a world that is heading towards reaching the upper limits of the use of the Earth's natural resources and we are now looking for alternatives to it.

One such sector that was completely dependent on natural resources is theautomotive sector. The sector is highly dependent on natural fuels such as petrol and diesel. But these energy sources are inexhaustible and so we had already started our journey to use natural gas as an alternative.

With a similar intention to switch to a renewable source of energy, the automotive sector has now started producing electric vehicles for consumers and this has proven to be a good option for car manufacturers.

One of these benefits can be seen in the stock prices of these manufacturers. With the introduction of electric vehicle production, theshares of these car companiesshowed an upward trend. So, we researched the best EV stocks in India and came up with the best option for you to consider investing.

We have divided EV company stock into different segments.

EV Stocks News Highlights:Despite a delay in government subsidy payments, electric vehicle sales grew by nearly 60% in 23 moreHyundai has set its sights on becoming one of the world's leading electric vehicle moreBNC, an electric vehicle startup, plans to raise ₹800 crore in funding later this moreAs the government's investigation into EV subsidy abuse deepens, more EV manufacturers are losing subsidy moreHonda reveals its upcoming electric SUV prologue. RattanIndia acquires EV firm Revolt Motors, currently under NSEG government, postpones decision on six airbags in cars after car makers claim current situation for auto industry is not stable, hence the government withdrew this decision moved to 2024.
The best EV stocks in India areTata Motors, M&M, Tata ELXSI Limited, Exide Industries Limited,InIndian Oil Company Limited (IOCL)with current market price (CMP) of Rs.394, Rs.1262, Rs.8523, Rs.163 and Rs.70 respectively.

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Segmentation of the electric vehicle (EV) sector.

When we talk about the electric vehicle sector, most of us think of some big car manufacturers like Tata Motors or Mahindra Auto, but this sector is not limited to only manufacturers. Based on the different parts, segments and infrastructure used, we can divide the electric vehicle (EV) sectors into four main parts:

  1. Car manufacturers:This classification includes those companies that combine all the parts and technology to make it a vehicle.
  2. Auto Parts and EV Software:These include companies that produce parts and other technological software that make electric cars smart and technologically advanced.
  3. Battery production:The heart of any electric car is the battery that powers it. The battery is the main source of energy for an electric car.
  4. EV charging stations:The battery that powers an electric car needs to be charged regularly to keep the vehicle running, so this classification also includes the companies that build the infrastructure needed to set up charging stations in various public places as well as at the customer's residence.

With this segmentation in mind, we have a complete portfolio15 Indian EV stocksto look forward to the future. The list includes both already listed companies as well as new market entrants that can prove to be a good option for investment.

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SL noStock nameMarket ₹ (Cor.)
1The TATA engine1.54.608,58 €
2Mahindra in Mahindra1.50,137,45 ₹
3Maruti Suzuki India Ltd.2.60.424,73 €
4Held MotoCorp Limited49.506,29 €
5Himadari Specialty Chemical Limited3.952,78 €
6Cinnamon cotton3.087,88 €
7Motherson Sumi Systems Limited22.503,44 €
8TATA ELXSI Limited39.713,37 €
9Exide Industries Limited & Amara Raja Batterijen Limited15.750,50 €
10TATA Chemicals Limited26.001,70 €
11TATA Power Company Limited62.980,14 ₹
12Power Grid Corporation of India Limited1.58.552,04 €
13Nationale Thermische Power Corporation Limited (NTPC)1.70.467,39 €
14Indian Oil Company Limited (IOCL)1.10.145,66 ₹

Automakers EV participates in India

Here is the list of electric vehicle stocks in the automotive sector. We have divided the EV stocks into 2 classifications-Proven/established playersInUnproven/new players.

Best EV Stocks in India 2023 - StockIPO (1)

Proven/established players

Companies with experience in the automotive industry.

1. The TATA engine

Best EV Stocks in India 2023 - StockIPO (2)

TATA Motors, one of the oldest players in the market, is the most diversified company in the industry. From four-wheeled passenger cars to heavy commercial vehicles such as buses, trucks and trailers, the company is well represented in every sector.

This is one of the best EV stocks in India, backed by its allies like TATA Chemicals for batteries, TATA ELXSI for software and TATA Steel for body structure, TATA Motors has great potential for future expansion and this development has begun to show its characteristics. The share priceTATA Motors is listed at ₹454 as of April 2022and has shown one₹200 increase (about 70%).

Market capitalization1.38.266,18 ₹ Cr.
Sales increase7,06%

2. Mahindra en Mahindra

Best EV Stocks in India 2023 - StockIPO (3)

Mahindra & Mahindra, like TATA Motors, has a strong presence in a wide range of vehicle categories, including passenger cars, trucks and other commercial vehicles. And it is another best EV stock in India.

Mahindra has a legacy in the agricultural transport industry with a range of different tractors.Mahindra & Mahindra share price was ₹858 in April 2022.

Market capitalization1.37.316,83 ₹ Cr
Sales increase-0,98%

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3. Maruti Suzuki India Ltd.

Best EV Stocks in India 2023 - StockIPO (4)

Maruti Suzuki India is the leading brand in the entry-level economy car market. Being the first in this field, the company holds most of the market share.

The only difference here is that the aforementioned companies have already taken a step forward in the EV market with the vehicles, while Maruti Suzuki is yet to enter the market. Rumor has it that the company will launch its best-selling car, the WagonR, in an electric variant as the first car in the market.

Maruti Suzuki share price is constantly close₹8000 to ₹8500in recent years may be due to less diversification of its portfolio.

Market capitalization2.60.696,60 ₹ Cr
Sales increase-6,98%

4. Hero MotoCorp Limited

Best EV Stocks in India 2023 - StockIPO (5)

With a large EV segment dominated by four-wheelers, hardly anyone is talking about electric two-wheelers. Hero MotoCorp has taken the initiative to expand this small electric two-wheeler segment.

In the Indian market, where two-wheelers are the most affordable private transport option for all, a good line-up of already established players like the Splendor, Passion Pro and Hero Pleasure could prove to be a good move, giving the two-wheeler giant a first-mover advantage leaving behind its competitors like Bajaj, TVS and thenewcomer Ola Electric. Coming to the share price of Hero MotoCorp,recorded around ₹ 2343 in April 2022.

Market capitalization56.584,65 ₹ Cr
Sales increase6,81%

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Unproven/new players

It consists of new entrants or companies whose presence in the sector is uncertain.

1. Himadari Specialty Chemical Limited

Best EV Stocks in India 2023 - StockIPO (6)

The company has a strong presence in the chemical industry, but has now announced that it is entering the EV segment by making electric bicycles. The company's share price turned out to be round₹79 from April 2022.

Market capitalization€ 3.075,86 Cr
Sales increase-6,88%

2. Cinnamon cotton

Best EV Stocks in India 2023 - StockIPO (7)

With a diversified business class, Greaves Cotton recently acquired an electric two-wheeler company called Ampere Vehicles with an aim to enter the electric two-wheeler manufacturing market as the industry has great potential to prosper in the near future. Greaves Cotton's share price has almost doubled in the past year₹127 to ₹206from April 2022.

Market capitalization€ 3.535,96 Cr.
Sales increase-27,02%

Auto Parts and EV Software Stock in India

Here is the list of electric vehicle stocks in the auto parts sector.

1. Motherson Sumi Systems Limited

Best EV Stocks in India 2023 - StockIPO (8)

Motherson Sumi is one of the largest auto parts manufacturers in India. The company has a huge production scale and in the past has acquired several small-scale auto parts manufacturers and started producing EV-specific parts.

Since an electric car requires more components than a conventional vehicle, Motherson Sumi's business is expected to grow in the coming years, making the business productive. The company is also in talks to supply EV-specific components to various of its buyers in the future.

Over the past 2 years, Motherson Sumi's share price has risen from an all-time low₹54 at current price of ₹145 from April 2022.

Market capitalization24.568,73 ₹ Cr
Sales increase0

2. TATA ELXSI Limited

Best EV Stocks in India 2023 - StockIPO (9)

TATA ELXSI is an IT based software development company primarily engaged in the development of software used by TATA Motors EVs.

In addition to this, the company has also developed stock software that can be used by any electric vehicle. It is expected that ELXSI will in the future sell this specially designed software in the form of licenses to other car manufacturers.

The share price of TATA ELXSI has soared by a52 week low ₹2315and one52 week high ₹7800. Currently, stock trends in apriced at ₹ 8626 from April 2022.

Market capitalization49.658,30 ₹ Cr
Sales increase13,44%

Production of batteries for electric vehicle stocks in India

Here is the list of EV stocks in the battery manufacturing sector.

1. Exide Industries Limited & Amara Raja Batterijen Limited

Best EV Stocks in India 2023 - StockIPO (10)

Both companies are major players in the battery industry. So far they have produced lead acid batteries used in traditional vehicles. But now they are moving towards the production of lithium-ion batteries that are an essential part of an electric vehicle.

Exide Industries share price is in a range₹150 and ₹200 in the last 2 years. The current share price of Exide Industries is ₹ 179 as of January 2022. The share price of Amara Raja Batteries was recorded as161 ₹ from April 2022.

Market capitalization12.053 ₹ Cr.
Sales increase1,87%

2. TATA Chemicals Limited

Best EV Stocks in India 2023 - StockIPO (11)

Tata Chemicals' vision is different from that of its peers. The company is committed to developing a battery manufacturing ecosystem. Their goal is to collect the raw materials for battery production, manufacture the batteries in their production facilities, and also have the ability to recycle used batteries in the future.

Allying with his family business TATA Motors would act as a validation and lead to great exposure of the batteries manufactured by TATA Chemicals in the Indian domestic market and the international market as well as under the name of its subsidiaries Land Rover and Jaguar. of TATA Chemicals closed on₹ 1016 and showed an increase of around ₹ 440 from last year.

Market capitalization20.715,51 ₹ Cr
Sales increase2,69%

EV Charging Stations Stocks of Electric Vehicles in India

Below is the list of shared EV charging stations. EV charging station stocks will also outperform as they are part of the EV ecosystem.

Best EV Stocks in India 2023 - StockIPO (12)

1. TATA Power Company Limited

Best EV Stocks in India 2023 - StockIPO (13)

TATA Power has an already established business as a consumer power utility. With a growing number of electric cars in India, TATA Power, in partnership with TATA Motors, has also entered the race to set up electric car charging and sharing stations across the country.

The company has set up public charging stations in various parking lots and malls and private charging stations in customer homes and authorized car service centers. The share price of TATA Power was approx284 ₹following oneabout 170% increaseof the previous year.

Market capitalization68.380,27 ₹ Cr
Sales increase-21,01%

2. Power Grid Corporation of India Limited

Best EV Stocks in India 2023 - StockIPO (14)

A state-owned company mainly focused on high-voltage transmission and grid management, providing high power to industries such as telecommunications. The company is in the race to set up charging stations across India.

With a government label, it is expected that the company will enjoy government contracts and agreements to set up charging stations in the future. Power Grid Corp share price is said to be approx210 ₹ - 229 ₹from April 2022.

Market capitalization1,46,798,41 ₹ Cr
Sales increase4,09%

3. National Thermal Power Corporation Limited (NTPC)

Best EV Stocks in India 2023 - StockIPO (15)

NTPC, one of the largest thermal power generation companies in India, had recently started transitioning to solar power generation.

The company was largely involved in the production and installation of solar panels and other solar machinery. After great success in the field of solar energy, the state-owned energy company is now focusing on generating electricity through the creation of charging stations.

Reports also claim that we might see NTPC-branded solar EV charging stations in the future. Coming to NTPC share price, it turned out to be at₹152 levelswith an increase of approx35%of last year.

Market capitalization€ 1.34.735,18 Cr
Sales increase1,33%

4. Indian Oil Company Limited (IOCL)

Best EV Stocks in India 2023 - StockIPO (16)

A major player in the petrol and diesel industry, IOCL is India's largest state-owned petrochemical company and has the largest market share in the current petroleum industry. Even though the EV industry is a giant competitor to IOCL and its business, it has taken a step towards the EV sector by installing charging stations at its petrol stations across India.

The company has also proposed to expand charging stations at petrol pumps with the growing demand for them. The share price of IOCL was approx129 ₹from April 2022.

Market capitalization1.02.520,19 ₹ Cr
Sales increase-21,37%

Benefits of investing in EV shares

Electric car stocks can offer investors a number of benefits. Some of the potential benefits of investing in EV stocks include:

  1. Strong growth potential:Global demand for electric vehicles is expected to continue to grow in the coming years due to growing concerns about climate change and the introduction of stricter emissions regulations. This can lead to strong growth for companies involved in the production and sale of electric vehicles.
  2. diversification:EV stocks can be a good way to diversify a portfolio because they offer exposure to a different sector of the economy.
  3. Opportunities for increased profitability:As the demand for electric vehicles increases, companies in this sector may be able to achieve higher profitability. This could translate into strong returns for investors.
  4. Government Incentives:Many governments around the world are offering incentives to encourage the adoption of electric vehicles, which could provide incentives for companies in this sector.
  5. Positive social effects:Investing in EV stocks can also have a positive social impact, as the introduction of electric vehicles can help reduce greenhouse gas emissions and combat climate change.

last words

This brings us to the end of our list ofbest electric vehicle stocks in india. The important thing to note here is that there is a TATA company in every segment of the EV industry and this is the ecosystem thatTATA group of companiesaims. A complete production cycle includes the production of parts and batteries, the development of software, the assembly of these components into an electric vehicle, and finally the creation of electric car charging stations in various locations around the country.

Apart from this, companies like Hero MotoCorp and Maruti Suzuki are the likely players to bring their electric cars in the market soon. From a bird's eye view, the companies mentioned above can be a good bet as the EV segment is yet to realize its full potential in India. We hope the information we provide matches your purpose of exploring the world of EVs. Until then, have fun investing!


What is the top electric car in India?

Tata Motors is the EV giant in India, Tata Nexon EV is the best selling car in India

Is EV a success in India?

It is currently too early to say whether it is successful or not, but in the future this EV industry will grow dramatically once charging stations are integrated, according to reports the EV industry will grow by 30% by 2026

Is Tata Motors stock a good buy?

Yes, if you are holding this stock for the long term.

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