Top 15 Health Benefits of Eating Sweet Potatoes - Antioxidant Powerhouse (2023)

Top 15 Health Benefits of Eating Sweet Potatoes - Antioxidant Powerhouse (1)

Sweet potatoes are very tasty, healthy and easy to cook, making them my favorite snack. From stews to pies to fries, there are countless and delicious sweet potato dishes. And if you're looking for a magical, healthy, and delicious staple that's quick and easy to prepare, look no further than sweet potatoes. Sweet potatoes are high in vitamin A, omega-3 fatty acids, carbohydrates, and other essential nutrients. Some of the health benefits of eating sweet potatoes include their ability to protect against cancer, treat inflammation, bronchitis, arthritis pain, dehydration, control diabetes, and improve digestion. Baked sweet potatoes are my favorite weekend snack and if you haven't included them in your diet, maybe you should. Today in this post I am going to share with you 15 amazing health benefits of eating sweet potatoes and why they should be included in your daily diet.

Sweet potato tubers differ significantly from those of a potato. The sweet potato is from the morning glory or vine family, while the potato is from the nightshade family. Due to etymological similarities between the two tubers, the common name is vonPotatoes Morning Gloryis "sweet potato". Though sweet potatoes are often referred to as "yam," it's a grave mistake to think the two are the same. These are botanically very different from the original yam root,Dioscorea.

Sweet potatoes come in a variety of colors ranging from white to light yellow, purple, or red. The rich dark colors of sweet potatoes may be due to the presence of plenty of beta-carotene. While the yellow or white varieties are juicier, the red or purple varieties have a rich aroma. The darker the tone, the richer the aroma.

Sweet potatoes are damaged by frost and need plenty of sun and warm nights to grow and develop properly. According to the Food and Agriculture Organization in 2011, global production of sweet potatoes was 106.5 million tons, led by China with a production of 81.7 million tons. India was 7thIslargest producer with a whopping 1.1 million tons. Another interesting fact about this particular perennial herbaceous vine is that sweet potatoes contain transgenes according to a study conducted in 2015 by scientists from Ghent University and the International Potato Centre. This makes sweet potatoes the first known example of a naturally genetically engineered food crop.

Nutrition in Sweet Potatoes

Sweet potatoes are highly nutritious and contain a number of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants, which is what makes them so beneficial to our health. 200 g of sweet potatoes, baked with skin and without salt contain the followingnutrient:

  • 180 Calories (9% DV)
  • 4 g Protein (8 % DV)
  • 41.4 g total carbohydrates (14% DV)
  • 6.6 g fiber (26% DV)
  • 38433 IE Vitamin A (769% DV)
  • 39.2 mg vitamin C (65% of DV)
  • 1.4 mg Vitamin E (7% DV)
  • 4.6 μg Vitamin K (6% DV)
  • 0,2 mg Thiamin (14 % DV)
  • 0,2 mg Riboflavin (12 % DV)
  • 0,6 mg B-Vitamine6(29% of DVs)
  • 3 mg Niacin (15% DV)
  • 1.8 mg pantothenic acid (18% DV)
  • 8 mg omega-3 fatty acids
  • 120 mg omega-6 fatty acids
  • 950 mg Kalium (27 % DV)
  • 1 mg Manganese (50 % of DV)
  • 0,3 mg Kupfer (16 % DV)
  • 54 mg magnesium (14% of DV)
  • 108 mg Phosphor (11 % DV)
  • 76 mg Calcium (8 % der DV)
  • 152 grams of water

Remember that the Percent Daily Value (%DV) is for children 4 years and older and adults. You are on a 2000 calorie diet and your daily values ​​can be lower or higher depending on your personal needs.

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Health Benefits of Eating Sweet Potatoes Daily

As you already know, sweet potatoes are an excellent source of vitamin A, vitamin C, manganese, and vitamin B6, potassium and fiber. Each 200g of baked unsalted skinned sweet potatoes contains only 0.1g saturated fat and 72mg sodium (3% of the DV). This vegetable is very low in saturated fat and sodium, which makes it even more beneficial for our health. .

Sweet potatoes are better than potatoes because they are more nutritious, contain fewer carbohydrates and calories, and keep you fuller for longer. Sweet potatoes are versatile and taste great mashed, roasted, grilled or baked. There are a number of health benefits of eating sweet potatoes and here are the top 15 health benefits of eating sweet potatoes.

Increases immunity

Vitamin A is the most abundant nutrient in sweet potatoes, making it vital for boosting our immunity. Vitamin A is responsible for stimulating the production of white blood cells that fight disease and infection.studiesLet's just say vitamin A kills cells that are harmful to our health and has been shown in some animal studies to have anti-tumor properties.studiesshow that vitamin A supplementation in areas with widespread vitamin A deficiency can help reduce the risk of death from infectious diseases. Vitamin A-rich foods such as sweet potatoes, apricots, carrots, etc. are immensely important for our immune system to function smoothly and to the fullest. Plus, the abundant antioxidants beta-carotene, iron, and phosphorus also work to boost your immune system functions. So, if you have a weaker immune system and are looking for an easy and natural way to boost your immune system, consuming sweet potatoes can be very beneficial for you.

good for the eyes

Vitamin A is responsible not only for your immunity but also for improving the health of your eyes, and that is another important benefit of eating sweet potatoes. Vitamin A deficiency causes the outer segments of the eye's photoreceptors to deteriorate, affecting normal vision. Vitamin C, vitamin E and omega-3 fatty acids are also good for the eyes and prevent degenerative damage. The beta-carotene found in sweet potatoes helps prevent age-related macular degeneration, and that's a good reason to include sweet potatoes in your daily diet.

prevents dehydration

Sweet potatoes have a high water content, which increases the water level of a dehydrated body. Also, the dietary fiber or roughage found in the vegetable retains water in the body and keeps you well hydrated. If you often feel dehydrated, consuming sweet potatoes can be beneficial to keep your body hydrated for longer hours.

Improves brain function

AfterThis studio, purple sweet potato extracts prevent oxidative damage in the brain, improve memory and improve cognitive function. However, another animal study showed that purple yam extracts helped against brain aging and improved memory capacity and specialized learning in mice. The anti-inflammatory properties of sweet potatoes improve memory and even prevent Alzheimer's disease, and that's another benefit of eating sweet potatoes.

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treat stomach ulcers

Sweet potatoes have a calming effect on the intestines and stomach. Potassium, calcium, vitamin A, vitamin C, beta-carotene - all of these are effective in healing stomach ulcers. Gathering sweet potatoes prevents constipation and the resulting acid build-up, which reduces the risk of stomach ulcers. The anti-inflammatory properties of yams reduce the inflammation and pain of such ulcers and hence the consumption of yams is very beneficial in treating stomach ulcers.

Regulates blood sugar

Sweet potatoes are known to lower elevated blood sugar levels. In one study, 61 diabetics received 4 g of Caiapo or a placebo daily for three months. Caiapo is a variety of white sweet potato that has been widely studied for its antidiabetic properties. At the end ofInvestigationit was found that the sweet potato group had significantly lower blood sugar than the control group.

help with weight loss

If you are exercising and planning to lose weight, eating sweet potatoes can seriously benefit you. Sweet potatoes are high in fiber, which keeps you fuller for longer and reduces cravings. The fibers move slowly through the digestive tract, keeping you full and fighting off hunger pangs. Eating one cup of sweet potatoes provides you with nearly 7g of fiber. According to a recentTiger study, purple yams are very good to help with weight loss. Mice were maintained on a high-fat diet and supplemented with purple yam, which was shown to reduce body weight and fat accumulation over a 12-week period.

For maximum weight loss, eat a healthy diet and exercise regularly, and add sweet potatoes to your diet.

fights bronchitis

Sweet potatoes have the ability to increase body temperature, perhaps due to their sweetness. This ability of sweet potato is beneficial for people suffering from bronchitis along with its added property of being a decongestant. The concentration of vitamin C, iron and other nutrients helps treat bronchitis.

treat asthma

Since sweet potatoes are good for bronchitis, they are also a good asthma treatment. They are helpful in clearing congestion in the nose, bronchi and lungs, thereby relieving asthma symptoms.

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Rich in antioxidants

Rich in antioxidants, sweet potatoes are an excellent source of fiber, vitamins and minerals. Orange-colored sweet potatoes are high in beta-carotene, a pigment responsible for their bright orange hue. Beta carotene is a powerful antioxidant that improves vision, promotes respiratory health and is good for the skin. (Spring:1,2,3) AfterInvestigationcolored yams show more potent anti-free radical activity than white yams and purple potatoes.

treats inflammation

The high concentration of beta-carotene, vitamin C and magnesium helps to reduce both internal and external inflammation. This property is shared by both potatoes and sweet potatoes, although they belong to different biological families.

Improves digestion

Sweet potatoes are high in fiber and magnesium, making them an excellent digestive aid. Since they mainly contain starch, they are quite easy to digest and have a calming effect on the intestines and stomach.

treat osteoarthritis

Because sweet potatoes are beneficial against inflammation, they are also beneficial in fighting swelling, pain, and inflammation associated with arthritis. Beta-carotene with magnesium along with zinc and vitamin B make sweet potatoes a very effective food for treating arthritis. Beta-carotene neutralizes free radicals that form at the site of inflammation. Pain relievers like ibuprofen increase the risk of heart failure by 20%, so it might be a good idea to ditch medications for natural remedies to treat arthritis pain.

against cancer

Almost 80% of sweet potatoes are packed with a protein called sporamine. Sporamine was discovered in the 1930s and hailed as a unique protein with anti-cancer activity. The scientists tested the effect of this protein on cancer cells in a petri dish and found that it was highly effective against leukemia cells. Tests were also performed on human tongue cancer cells and showed that sporamine is highly effective in reducing the viability of such cancer cells. When this protein was tested in colon cancer cells, it turned out that sporamin not only slows the growth of colon cancer cells, but also their migration and invasion. Sporamin is not fully digested by the body and is found intact in the blood. Generally, when proteins enter the blood, they trigger the immune response. Sporamin improves cancer survival without actually activating the host's immune system.

Regulates diabetes

Contrary to popular belief, sweet potatoes are good for people with diabetes. As mentioned above, they are very effective in regulating blood sugar levels by aiding proper insulin secretion. That doesn't mean you can eat rampant sweet potatoes, but it's actually a healthier substitute for rice than your carb intake.

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And you

Sweet potatoes are an extremely nutritious and healthy vegetable. Eating sweet potatoes has a number of health benefits. Eating sweet potatoes helps you regulate blood sugar and treat diabetes, boosts immunity, improves digestion, increases brain function, eye health, and aids in weight loss. It also treats arthritis, inflammation, asthma, bronchitis, stomach ulcers and provides dehydration benefits. Eating sweet potatoes is even beneficial in fighting cancer.

The iron in sweet potatoes helps boost the immune system and the magnesium helps you relax and reduce stress. Sweet potatoes are also high in vitamin B6, which lowers the chemical homocysteine ​​in our bodies. Homocysteine ​​has been linked to various degenerative diseases such as heart attacks.

Sweet potatoes are easy to cook and can be prepared a variety of ways, including baking, roasting, and even adding them to soups, stews, and smoothies. Although beneficial, sweet potatoes do have side effects. If you've had calcium oxalate kidney stones in the past, you should avoid sweet potatoes. Calcium oxalate combined with sweet potatoes causes kidney stones. (Spring:4) While rare, sweet potato allergy is not unheard of. If you experience symptoms such as nausea, allergies, vomiting, etc., see your doctor immediately.

The health benefits of eating sweet potatoes far outweigh the side effects. They are useful for people trying to quit smoking, drinking or drug use. The high concentration of vitamin A and phosphorus is good for heart and eye health.

Have you tried the sweet potatoes yet? If not, add them to your diet today!

Until then, stay fit and healthy!

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